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Book by Book Campaign

The Book by Book campaign emerged as an initiative from the Education front of GPM as a part of the Knowledge for All Project, which aims to help high school students academically handicapped by social isolation. It is based on the collection of textbooks, mainly pre-university entrance exams and its later disposal in public shelves at essential service locations. In this way, those shelves start to function as species of community libraries, in which books can be deposited and removed at any time by anyone.

The initiative has expanded to the entire community represented by GPM and beyond, as we are constantly expanding the zone of influence of the campaign. We currently have shelves in Teresina (PI), Embu das Artes and Avaré (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Belo Horizonte and Timóteo (MG). The young people responsible for the shelves make periodic visits to the places where they are installed in order to do a refill of books. So far, there has been a large withdrawal of material in all municipalities, which shows the positive results obtained so far from the initiative. Our goal is to further expand the campaign to other Brazilian regions and specific locations within the cities where shelves already exist.

Embu das Artes (SP); Teresina (PI); Rio de Janeiro (RJ); Avaré (SP)

To install a shelf, one does not need to be a part of GPM, just contact us to receive the necessary resources to implement the initiative in the local community. We want as many people as possible to have access to the materials provided by the campaign. Help us and book by book we will make a difference!

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